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Friday, April 30, 2004  

Last night's Frontline was about Dubya and his religious beliefs. It's a horse I've flogged often, so I'll spare you extended yammer. The Frontline site, however, has some fascinating resources, should you wish to flog this horse yourself.

The "Jesus Day: Proclamation.
The text of a March 17, 2000 proclamation by then-Governor George W. Bush which declared June 10, 2000 as "Jesus Day" in Texas.

A collection of Bush's public references to religion

On the day that George W. Bush was sworn into his second term as governor of Texas, friend and adviser Dr. Richard Land recalls Bush making an unexpected pronouncement.

"The day he was inaugurated there were several of us who met with him at the governor's mansion," says Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. "And among the things he said to us was, 'I believe that God wants me to be president.'"

Since Bush signed an executive order allowing federal agencies to distribute money to "faith-based" charities, Frontline estimates $1.1 billion has been given. Every penny has gone to Christian or ecumenical groups. Although they've applied, Jewish and Muslim groups have yet to receive any money.

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