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Sunday, April 11, 2004  

Probably just a trick of speech, but nevertheless worth documenting as the kind of the minutiae I so love. From today's press conference:

Q Wasn't that current threat information? That wasn't historical, that was ongoing.

THE PRESIDENT: Right, and had they found something, they would have reported it to me.

Compare and contast that to Condi Rice's testimony to the 9/11 Commission on Thursday:

KEAN: ... Did you ever see or hear from the FBI, from the CIA, from any other intelligence agency, any memos or discussions or anything else between the time you got into office and 9/11 that talked about using planes as bombs?

RICE: ...I was in a press conference to try and describe the August 6 memo, which I've talked about here in my opening remarks and which I talked about with you in the private session.

And I said, at one point, that this was a historical memo, that it was -- it was not based on new threat information.

I guess that's why White House is leery to have the President testify alone. He might inadvertently admit the truth.

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