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Tuesday, April 13, 2004  

Recently, Kos and Nathan got into a minor dust-up with some right-wing denizens of the blogosphere when they referred to Halliburton employees as "mercenaries." (Ann Coulter called all liberals traitors, but who's counting?) As right-wing denizens are pretty much in constant rage about something, this didn't strike me as particularly noteworthy.

But today things got a little more interesting. Tech Central Station posted a dreary condemnation of the "mercenary" language (go to Nathan's site if you want the link). It was a dull, long-winded piece that praised the righties for launching their dogs at the offenders, claiming that this proved how responsibly the blogosphere monitored itself. In response, Nathan posted a brief little retort.

Now comes the good stuff.

A reader of Nathan's went to TCS and discovered that it was published by a group called DCI Group, L.L.C. After a Google search, the reader then discovered that DCI Group had received $100,000 to lobby the US government on the behalf of the government of Myanmar (Burma), famed worldwide for being one of the most oppressive, brutal dictatorships on earth.

DCI Group, L.L.C., #5497

Two Lafayette Square
1133 21st Street, N.W., Suite M100
Washington, DC 20036

Union of Myanmar State Peace & Development Council (SPDC)
The registrant agreed to provide an evaluation and analysis of potential means of improving relations between the Governments of the United States and the Union of Myanmar. The registrant will also provide communications and media outreach, issuing press releases to communicate Myanmar positions. In addition, the registrant will brief members of Congress and Administration officials to improve relations between the United States and Myanmar.

$100,000.00 received prior to registration on May 13, 2002

It seems that once again the liberals have committed the crime of being impolite even while their right wing critics are committing actual crimes. (Admittedly, this one is an ethical crime; however, one imagines that if we decided to invade Burma, the DoJ might be interested to see if any actual crimes were committed.)

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