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Thursday, April 29, 2004  

Secret Transcripts of the 9/11 Commission

I have located secret transcripts from the 9/11 Commission Hearing this morning. Selections are below.

KERREY: Mr. President, there's some question as to the frequency and quality of contact between yourself and George Tenet in the weeks leading up to 9/11--

COUNSEL GONZALES: What are you asking?

KERREY: I'm asking the President about his recollections from that time.

CHENEY: The President received daily briefings from George Tenet.

KERREY: What about the month vacation you took in August, sir?


CHENEY: According to our records, we met Tenet twice.

KERREY: You were there in Crawford?

CHENEY: I meant he. He met Tenet.

KERREY: Mr. President, we've heard testimony from Richard Clarke and George Tenet that they were "running around with their hair on fire." All I'm trying to do is understand whether you were similarly alarmed.




KERREY: You were not alarmed.

BUSH: I was tired of swatting flies.

GONZALES: You've heard enough.

CHENEY: Let's move on.

KEAN: Commissioner Ben-Veniste?

Continued at the American Street

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