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Tuesday, April 13, 2004  

There'll be no apology, but Bush did mention the name Osama bin Laden, so you have to say there has been movement in White House position. I may break down the press conference tomorrow, but I'm a little to distracted now. The short version is: he looked confused and unsure and stuck slavishly to Karl Rove's talking points. It was a repeat of his recent interview with Tim Russert.

Vision Discussion
I did want to mention that tomorrow we could have some cool stuff going on. I and some fellow bloggers are going to be discussing our thoughts on a vision for liberalism in the 21st Century. Anyway, I hope we do. I put a call out to some of the bigger brains of the blogosphere to post their thoughts as well. It will be sort of a blogger salon. It's slated for tomorrow, so check back.

If it comes off (and you never know), I hope you visit the posts and comment. Whether or not John Kerry wins the presidency, we still have a huge amount of work to do. Conservatives have been setting the intellectual table for a generation, and liberals have mostly been playing defense. Even the DLC and Clinton presidency took as their starting point the politically popular premises (this alliteration isn't intentional) of small government and fiscal and personal responsibility--variations on a conservative theme.

It's the 21st Century. Should liberals be trying to re-establish FDR liberalism? What does liberal foreign policy look like in the age of globalism? Should government be picking up the tab for health care? If we want to dominate the next generation of politics, we need to do more than play defense. We need to have a large, coherent picture if we're going to accomplish that. I don't see why it shouldn't come from bloggers and blog readers.

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