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Friday, April 30, 2004  

Today, Josh noted "how the president now routinely accuses critics of his Iraq policy of being racists." (That whole "some don't believe Muslims can govern themselves" cannard I ranted about recently.) He spent the post rebutting it and Bush's motivation. Let's take it a step further:

The war itself was deeply racist.

Saddam was not remotely connected with al Qaida. Saddam was, in fact, despised by fundamentalist Muslims for his secularism. He was not a state sponsor of terrorism (unless you count the bounty for Palestinian suicide bombers) and didn't support terrorist networks. What was he guilty of? Being Arab.

People watched Arabs fly planes into the World Trade Center, and so when Dubya implied Saddam was connected, he was playing on their ignorance and prejudice. But of course, he knew. He knew Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks. Yet in speech after speech, he obscurred the difference between Saddam and Osama. It's as if the British government decided to bomb Italy in response to IRA terror attacks because Italians are white and Catholic.

If anyone's to blame for racism, it's not the fake constituency of people "who don't believe Muslims want to be free," it's the man who used race and religion to justify an invasion.

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