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Monday, April 12, 2004  

Word of the day: Advertorial

Think that David Brooks quip about a Lexus was just a device to make a point? You never know, it could be an advertorial. Ad Age:

NEW YORK ( -- Commercial messages have seeped into the plots of movies, the very fabric of TV shows and video games, and even into the plots of novels. But that may have been just the beachhead. Now a growing number of marketers want to persuade the nation's print magazines to open the text of their editorial pages to product placements.

In the age of media conglomeration and the vanishing news/advertizing wall, advertizers are trying to force pitches into news holes. Prepare to be shocked:

Magazines today must answer to advertisers who demand sales executives come into a meeting with more than a schedule and rate card. Marketers and their media buying agencies want ever-more-creative ideas, and with ad-page sales still lagging for this year's first quarter, many titles are under competitive pressure from not just their own category, but other media as well. On top of that, custom publishing, where marketers can completely control the editorial content, has steadily grown in the last decade, and an emerging category of magazines, dubbed shop-a-logs, are blurring the advertising and editorial line even further....

More advertisers ask us to blur the lines between advertising and editorial," said Nina Lawrence, president of Conde Nast's Bridal Group and publisher of Bride's and Modern Bride. "It's accelerated in the last year." Ms. Lawrence placed the blame for this squarely on branded-entertainment deals: "Advertisers are asking for what they want on TV, and they're getting it."

That makes me so mad all I can think of is a nice, soothing Bud Light (tm) to relax me. Because when you're really angry at the man, nothing calms you down like a Bud Light(tm) ....

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