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Tuesday, May 04, 2004  

As many as 25 Iraqis and Afghanis may have been murdered by Americans--and two Iraqis definitely were.

Army officials said the military had investigated the deaths of 25 prisoners held by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and determined that an Army soldier and a CIA contractor murdered two prisoners. Most of the deaths occurred in Iraq.

This is mind-boggling. It appears that the armed services had covered it up.

An official said a soldier was convicted in the U.S. military justice system of killing a prisoner by hitting him with a rock, and was reduced in rank to private and thrown out of the service but did not serve any jail time.

Rummy responded brilliantly by denying that it was torture: "I'm not a lawyer. My impression is that what has been charged thus far is abuse, which I believe technically is different from torture ... And therefore I'm not going to address the 'torture' word." The mind boggles further....

I have no sensible thing to say.

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