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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

The Daily Link
I missed the Daily Link yesterday, so here's a remedial installment.

Today's link: archy

Active since: March 2003

Tag: "Politics, fringe watching, and stuff."

John McKay is the blogger; he describes himself as a "grumpy, aging liberal" and I believe he lives in Alaska. His blog reads like a discussion with the guy down at the pub: as if he's been thinking about something you said yesterday and has a few thoughts. Thus he posts without fever and not quite daily. I read through the front page of his blog and found every post interesting--I think mainly because he doesn't get caught up in the news frenzy. Recent posts include thoughts on Tom Friedman, a look at what Judge Roy Moore is up to (fascinating), and a couple posts on creationism in the schools (he's against it).

Trenchant quote: "In a record turn out, voters in Darby, Montana voted over two to one to reject creationist candidates for school board. 'Preliminary counts showed incumbent Bob Wetzsteon and Erik Abrahamsen with a 42 percent lead over incumbent Gina Schallenberger and Robert House in the Darby school board race for two three-year terms.'

"Schallenberger's efforts to introduce an 'objective origins' curriculum created by creationist think tanks the Intelligent Design Network and the Discovery Institute has divided tiny Darby for months. Since first proposing the curriculum last December, Darby has lost its school superintendent, had the high school students go out on strike, incurred multiple lawsuits against the school board, failed to hire a new superintendent twice, and seen their town ridiculed in state and national news. Let's wish the kids a quiet and uncontroversial graduation. They deserve it."


[Update: John is not an Alaskan; he lives in Seattle.]

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