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Wednesday, May 05, 2004  

The Daily Link

I missed my link yesterday for the first time. Ah well, I knew it would happen eventually. Nevertheless, we forge forward. Today's link fell into my lap from a commenter yesterday. Lesson: comment!

Today's link: The Bonassus

Active since: March 2004

Tag: The tagline's boring, so I'll give you this, the explanation of the blog's title: "According to Jay's Journal of Anomalies, advertisements went up in London in March 1821 offering the curious a chance to see The Bonassus: 'A Newly Discovered Animal Comprising the head and eye of the elephant; the horns of the antelope; a long black beard; the hind parts of the lion; the fore-parts of the bison; is cloven footed; has a flowing mane from the shoulder to the fetlock joint; and chews the cud.'" Still not clear? Read more here.

The blogger is Daniel Geffen, a poly-sci grad student at Columbia. He's just started blogging, and I probably should have waited to link him and see if he made it past finals. I'm taking a gamble. Daniel's blog mostly sticks with politics, be he dabbles in random, interesting commentary as well (sopranos, Sherlock Holmes). As a poly-sci guy, his analysis is somewhat more coherent than, ahem, some bloggers. But then some bloggers studied religion.

Trenchant quote: "Why do I see such beauty in blaming a single person for all our troubles? Because it's a simple story which will actually make a lot of things suddently seem possible. Once the troublemaker has been removed from the picture, we can all convince ourselves that we're in an entirely new situation. The Gordian Knot will be cut once the Iraq situation can be presented at the UN and in other multilateral forums as Bush's mistake instead of America's. I am quite certain that the election of a non-Bush president will be received around the world as evidence that Americans aren't such terrible people after all, and will open up a thousand possibilities for restructuring international relations."


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