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Monday, May 03, 2004  

The Daily Link

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a decent conservative blogger--trying to spread the Daily Link love, you know. I tend only to find party liners and loonies (for the latter, type "Spiced Sass" into Google and follow the first link. I prefer not to give the author any juice by linking.) After a half hour, I still haven't found a single one. Holler if you have knowledge of this elusive beast. So again today I turn to a lefty.

Today's link:

Active since: September 2003

Tag: "On the fringes of the public sphere"

The blogger is Michael Froomkin, a law prof at the University of Miami. I've grown to expect well-written, measured, reasonable and reasoned prose from professor-bloggers, and in, that's just what I get. In one recent post he frets that comparisons to Hitler are a bit over-the-top, but admits Digby has a good argument in comparing the Fuhrer to Bush. Later, he listens in on a debate about witch-burning. And still later (actually, earlier on his blog, later in my list) he links to an Italo Calvino site. Anyone linking Calvino immediately gets a link from me.

Trenchant quote: "When I lived in Cambridge, back in the Thatcher era, my friends--especially David Howarth, now the LibDem Propective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge--commonly called the Conservative Party (the Tories) the 'stupid party.'

"So what to make of this chart? (via Leiter)"


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