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Thursday, May 06, 2004  

The Daily Link

Venturing into dangerous waters...a mostly conservative blog! Hey, democracy's about variety of voice, right?

Today's link: Political Puzzle

Active since: November 2003

Tag: "Puting the pieces of the political puzzle together."

The Political Puzzle is a newish group blog and it is distinguished by two characteristics. The first is that is trying to be bipartisan--with strong voices from both sides of the aisle (it's mostly conservative now). The second is structural--they've managed to construct a decent system for encorporating longer "articles" and regular blog matter. They do this by having "columnists" who are bloggers with essentially their own blogs-within-the-blog. It works pretty well.

At the moment, it's a work in progress. The blog itself is slightly tepid, and because it's a group blog, has the usual inconsistency. The articles are better, but all of the columnists are conservatives. This produces the usual echo chamber. They are soliciting new writers, though, so trot on over if you want to write for the lefties (it could be cool, actually--you might find it stimulating to jaw with the righties). Also, if you're looking for a conservative view, the ones here are mid-volume and fairly reasonable. That's rare enough to qualify as a recommendation on its own.

Trenchant quote: "Approximately 90% of black Americans vote only for Democrats. However, a few decades ago blacks were more likely to vote for the party of Abraham Lincoln than for the party essentially founded by the Ku Klux Klan. Democrats by day/Klansmen by night, like Robert Byrd, Bull Conner and George Wallace were racist segregationists who wielded dogs, fire hoses and clubs in the civil rights battles."


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