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Monday, May 10, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Absit Invidia

Active since: January 2003? (March?)

Tag: "Now Bannerless." More to the point is this explanatory (slightly changed): "'äb-"sit-in-'vi-dE-"ä (1) let there be no ill will (2) no offense intended. Here's all you need to know: The politics are Conservative but not necessarily Republican."

The blogger, Steve, is a reader of Notes, and if you've clicked on his name in the comments, you've already discovered Absit Invidia. He's a Red Sox fan (and therefore Yankees hater) and blogs from Connecticut. I'm fairly intrigued by Steve's description of his politics, because if you visit his site, you'll think he's a garden variety liberal New Englander.

Could it be--is it possible? Is he a member of that heretofore-believed-extinct species of true conservative? You know, those sober Americans who once took their cue from the etymology of the word conserve--from the Latin conservare, to preserve--wherein economics are responsible, the bedroom off government limits, and foreign policy nonimperial. As far as I knew, the last true conservative was Kevin Phillips, now the toast of the liberal intelligentsia. Their ranks, it appears, have doubled. See quote below for further elaboration, and go visit his fine site.

Trenchant quote: "To most Americans, questioning the government on either of these classifications is tantamount to sedition.

"The irony, of course, is that the foundational principle of the Conservative movement is 'limited government'. It's the sine qua non of the rest of the agenda. (lower taxes, personal autonomy, individual responsibility, etc) Supporters of this Administration - good conservatives all, or so we're told - have expanded the reach and power of government to a level unknown since the Roosevelt Administration.

"Maybe this is another subject where liberals and conservatives can find common ground. Excessive government secrecy - expecially when motivated by political considerations - is absolutely antithetical to American democracy."


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