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Tuesday, May 11, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Needlenose

Active since: December 2002

Tag: None, but there is this quote from Anthony Zinni: ""We did not conduct the war this way, and we should not continue rebuilding the country in a haphazard manner. The result will be a financial disaster, more lives lost, chaos in Iraq and squandered American goodwill."

A lot of you may say, "Needlenose, are you crazy--that's a major blog." Indeed, it appears to be, and yet it has somehow managed to escape my attention until now. (Part of the reason I started this feature.) What can I say: it is a very fine blog, probably a major blog, and features cutting, dry commentary with a droll spritzer. Dandy.

Trenchant quote: "Kristol and Kagan somewhat sheepishly acknowledge that whatever difference Iraqis might perceive between elections in January 2005 (the current optimistic hope) and late September 2004 is not exactly obvious. But in the U.S., an election before November would let Dubya claim he really had advanced the cause of democracy, however messily.

"As neocon fellow traveler David Brooks demonstrates in a New York Times column this morning that echoes the 'elections in September' concept, this spin would hold even if Iraqis elect a bitterly anti-American government -- as now seems likely. The expected denunciations of the U.S. by the new Iraqi regime could then provide the excuse for a classic "declare victory and pull out" response that the American public might wholeheartedly endorse."

Bonus: a picture!


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