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Tuesday, May 18, 2004  

The Daily Link

As a way of conceding temporary defeat, I went over to eRobin's site to have a look at the old blogroll. And? Nineteen--nine of which were watcher blogs. Free with the eyeballs, it seems, but parsimonious with the links. Well. I go instead to the cryptic.

Today's link: xymphora

Active since: September 2000

Tag: None. Nor does the blogger have a single linked blog, an email address, a bio, or even, for that matter, a column for such things. There's not so much as a pseudonym accompanying the posts. We are left, therefore, with text. And what interesting text it is. Unlike the personality exhibited by most bloggers (we are, of course, mostly verbal exhibitionists), xymphora's prose is spare and clinical. It's also a little eerie--not least because the blogger's been mucking around the Nick Berg beheading quite a bit this week. But beyond that, it's the voice of tired knowledge--something less comfortable than garden-variety cynicism. It's fascinating, sobering reading.

Trenchant quote: "The release of the torture pictures suits the neocons just fine, as it upsets the Arab world while simultaneously covering up the wholesale evil being conducted by the American and Israeli militaries. Seymour Hersh's latest revelations about Rumsfeld and Cambone further drag out the torture story, continuing the smokescreen. Hersh is one of about three real journalists working in the whole United States, so I don't want to say anything bad about him, but the latest anti-Rumsfeld allegations - no doubt true and completely consistent with the Bush Administration's pattern of using 9-11 to as an excuse to abandon any pretence of civilized behavior - have the distinct smell of CIA leaks intended to embarrass Rumsfeld, deflect attention for the torture away from the CIA, and regain for the CIA some of the power it has lost to Rumsfeld's Pentagon. The neocons may have to throw their critics a Cambone bone, but their position has not been weakened, and their main goal of starting WW III in the Middle East continues under cover of the more enticing torture stories."


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