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Tuesday, May 11, 2004  

One more and then I promise I'll quit. Seems the torture incident has become symbolic of the larger failure of the Bush administration. Anyway, it certainly is inspiring people to write some fine prose. Here's Dionne today:

How many voices were raised suggesting the White House was being too optimistic about the way American troops might be received in the long run? Even if we were greeted as "liberators," in Cheney's famous phrase, many Iraqis who would be happy to be rid of Saddam Hussein might soon want to be rid of us as well....

Voters will ask now, and historians will ask later: Why did this administration take such an enormous gamble with apparently so little planning against what could go wrong? Why did it rush into war -- a war whose date it had complete freedom to choose -- without working through the potential problems that senators such as Joe Biden and Richard Lugar, both war supporters, kept raising? I guess when you have the best secretary of defense the United States ever had, you don't sweat the details.

Oh, all right, one more, and the I promise I'll stop. This is from an interview Democracy Now did with Seymour Hersh yesterday:

There's nothing -- this is -- there's no way back on this. This is not just a question of the Arab world being mad at us for the mistreatment or seeing hypocrisy. The Arab world really sees sexual perversion in America. We are talking about the moderate Islamics. They have always had problems with the loose -- loose ways of America, you know, and the sexuality and the openness about it. It's always been very confounding for the average Islamic believer. And now they just see this as a perverse society.... So, I would venture to say you're going to see a significant drop-off of business and travel and contact with the moderate groups. I think this is a very, very damaging and way beyond Iraq. This is a very damaging event in that part of the world.

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