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Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

I happened to stumble across this picture last week:

It is connected to a website called GOP Team Leader, to which I attempted (and failed) to subscribe. My plan was to post some of the material on Friday Satire--demonstrating again how very difficult it is to stay in front of the Prez satirically. But alas, they apparently have tighter controls than that--no dice. But that picture--itself satire of the highest order--got me thinking. The face of George Bush has reached that status of shifting icon, something like only Ronald Reagan's has ever done before. While Republicans regarded the Gipper's black pompadour and vacuous eyes as a symbol of virility and clear leadership, Dems thought it perfectly represented his vanity and, well, vacuity. I love this photo, because it simultaneously captures everything those who hate him hate about him--and vice versa.

Not being in a terribly serious mood, I googled a few more. These are less versatile, but capture how different constituencies might see him.

As the military sees him:

As Halliburton sees him:

As Karl Rove wishes no one had seen him:

As Democrats see him:

As he sees himself:

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