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Saturday, May 22, 2004  

I've been waiting about two years to hear someone from the Democratic Party say this.

"The emperor has no clothes. When are people going to face the reality? Pull this curtain back.

"The situation in Iraq and the reckless economic policies in the United States speak to one issue for me, and that is the competence of our leader. These policies are not working. But speaking specifically to Iraq, we have a situation where -- without adequate evidence -- we put our young people in harm's way.

"I believe that the president's leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience in making the decisions that would have been necessary to truly accomplish the mission without the deaths to our troops and the cost to our taxpayers.

"His activities, his decisions, the results of his actions are what undermines his leadership, not my statement. My statements are just a statement of fact."

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, yesterday

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