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Monday, May 03, 2004  

Judd Legum at the Center for American Progress sent me a heads up on the Progress's 100 Mistakes for the President. It's a stunning indictment of a failed presidency. (On a related note, I'm going to be updating the Dossiers soon and with luck, finally adding the Rummy dossier.)

What's particularly successful about the Progress's report is that they didn't go for roundhouse, exaggerated claims. It's a slow accretion of evidence that makes a case that, whether or not Bush is corrupt, his administration is certainly incompetent. I'll paste in a few items by way of example; visit the site to see the whole thing.

4. Ignoring the advice Gen. Eric Shinseki regarding the need for more troops in Iraq – now Bush is belatedly adding troops, having allowed the security situation to deteriorate in exactly the way Shinseki said it would if there were not enough troops.

5. Ignoring plans drawn up by the Army War College and other war-planning agencies, which predicted most of the worst security and infrastructure problems America faced in the early days of the Iraq occupation.

6. Making a case for war which ignored intelligence that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

11. Trusting Ahmed Chalabi, who has dismissed faulty intelligence he provided the President as necessary for getting the Americans to topple Saddam.

12. Disbanding the Sunni Baathist managers responsible for Iraq's water, electricity, sewer system and all the other critical parts of that country's infrastructure.

13. Failing to give UN weapons inspectors enough time to certify if weapons existed in Iraq.

The list continues through the topics of Counterterrorism, Afghanistan, WMD, Foreign Policy, Economy, Education, Health, and the Environment. It's really a monumental work to have collected all this in one place.

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