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Thursday, May 27, 2004  

Karl Rove must be pulling his hair out (metaphorically speaking). Yesterday Ashcroft threatened the US with terror, and it took no more than hours for critics to accuse the White House of a poltical stunt:

But some intelligence officials, terrorism experts - and to some extent even Mr. Ashcroft's own F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III - offered a more tempered assessment, saying, "For the next few weeks we have reason to believe there is a heightened threat to the U.S. interests around the world.'' And some opponents of President Bush, including police and firefighter union leaders aligned with Senator John Kerry, the expected Democratic presidential candidate, said the timing of the announcement appeared intended in part to distract attention from Mr. Bush's sagging poll numbers and problems in Iraq.

Time was, anything Bush said was accepted at face value. Tax cuts for the wealthy in order to benefit the poor? No worries. Invade Iraq to defeat Osama? Makes sense.

But this week, when Bush rolled out the notion that in a month we'd be offering Iraq "full sovereignty" and no one outside the offices of the National Review took it seriously. And now everyone suspects the terror threats are Bush wagging the dog.

I got in a debate in the comments threads over at Jack Bogdanski's site yesterday, wherein he argued that Bush could turn things around with an "October Surprise." It's only May, said he (and others), lots of time for the Bush smear machine to destroy Kerry. The Bushies will certainly try. These are corrupt, dirty people, and they will stop at nothing to keep Bush in power. But that doesn't mean they'll succeed. As long as everyone recognizes that it's just the machinations of corrupt, dirty people--as they apparently now do--Bush's "surprises" aren't going to surprise anyone.

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