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Wednesday, May 26, 2004  

[Monday's speech and the draft U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq] betray a willingness to see the world as you would like it to be rather than as it is, and a readiness to hope that the gap goes unnoticed or unexamined. With all respect, sir, that is not leadership. Leaders address inconvenient reality and then seek explicit and reasoned support from the nation for dealing with it.

Your recent vacillation on policies -- unilateralist one day, U.N.-centered the next -- suggests you are letting yourself be pulled in different directions by putative allies and your aides in daily, desperate improvisation. By letting King Abdullah of Jordan and other Sunni leaders poison your view of what Shiite rule in Iraq would mean, you leave the impression that you had not thought through your promise of democracy for Iraq before going to war.

Dionne? Cohen? No, Jim Hoagland, of all people. Which shows just how bad things have gotten for the President. (Thanks to CP who tipped me--I've long since quit bothering to read Hoagland's bizarre rants.)

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