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Friday, May 28, 2004  

A new CBS poll has a Kerry/McCain ticket beating a Bush/Cheney ticket by 14 points--54% to 39%. But Kerry also improves his chances by taking John Edwards, 50%-40%. That's better than Kerry alone versus a Bush/Cheney ticket, where he's beating them 49%-41%. The lesson? As long as Kerry doesn't pull a Quayle, he's only going to get stronger.

Given that, the veep selection should be viewed as a chance not to win the election, but set a course for the party and country. McCain's a decent guy, but aside from his biting rhetoric about Bush's bumbles, what's he got to offer? Edwards, on the other hand, is a signal to those Wal-Mart Republicans that the Dems actually do care about the little guy. The Dems have allowed themselves to be branded "elitist" because they abandoned America's workers. How is McCain going to reverse that? Edwards is a far better choice for the party.

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