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Thursday, May 13, 2004  

On the Nick Berg Video

I just stopped by Absit Invidia as I looked for a site for the Daily Link. He has a link to a blog called Backcountry Conservative who, for some reason, has had a "Google-lanche" over the Nick Berg video. I checked his stats and Sitemeter says he's gotten nearly 400,000 hits today (he's number two in hits for the search).

Ah, clearly some folks are looking for that video.

I haven't had any desire to see a human have his head removed. It's an interesting question about whether news sites or even bloggers should be linking it up. As I mentioned earlier this week, I think there's a danger in feasting on these shocking images--folks have a hard time remaining neutral about anything after they've seen footage like that. On the other hand, I believe the press was doing its duty when it showed the pictures of the tortured Iraqis, so I don't know that I can argue against viewing the video.

I wonder though--can we have a moratorium on this stuff from here on out? The point is made.

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