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Saturday, May 15, 2004  

Nutty Conspiracy Theory Update

You'll recall a couple days ago I mentioned one of the crazier conspiracy theories I've heard--from a friend. Well, it's looking less crazy by the moment. To recap, his hypothesis about why the guards at Abu Ghraib took photographs of their misdeeds:

They were instructed to take the photos because, knowing that the pictures would eventually get leaked, they'd spark the massive horror we're now seeing. Thus the horror is intentional. The reason for intentional horror is either: 1) to spark a Pearl Harbor-like reaction, riling Americans up to go kick some A, or 2) to spark a Vietnam reaction so we can cut and run without political cost.

I dismissed it as "not particularly convincing." Based on what Colin Powell said yesterday, I'm starting to find it more so:

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was joined by the foreign ministers of Britain, Italy and Japan on Friday in declaring that they would honor any request by Iraq's new government to withdraw foreign troops after June 30, when it is to receive limited sovereignty....

"I have no doubt that the interim Iraqi government will welcome the continued presence and operation of coalition military forces," Mr. Powell said, adding that he was "absolutely losing no sleep thinking that they might ask us to leave."

But he said that, in the interest of clearing up any confusion, "were this interim government to say to us, `We really think we can handle this on our own; it would be better if you were to leave,' we would leave."

I'm with Powell--I can't imagine they'd ask us to leave. I mean, this is the same country who welcomed us with flowers as liberators. Why on earth would they want us to leave.

No theory is to weird to be true with this regime (Bush, that is).

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