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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

On Chalabi

Let's review for a moment. First the neocons adopt Ahmad Chalabi as their pet Iraq warbuilder--as far back as the early 90s. Bush comes into office, and under the cover of 9/11, the neocons plan for war. Needing a rationale, they turn to Chalabi. He tells the story like they like to hear it--lots of weapons and ties to Osama. Good, time for war. Rummy fires up the Pentagon to start building a war machine, and Chalabi promises to deliver a docile Iraqi population ready for democracy and bearing roses.

Chalabi rides a US Army hummer into Iraq and immediately sets up shop. He joins the Governing Council. Everyone pretends all has gone as planned. Chalabi stays on the US payroll. But then just recently, the Pentagon, rocked by disaster after disaster, cuts Chalabi off. And finally, yesterday someone (the Iraqis? the Pentagon?) raided Chalabi's home.

This leaves the Bushies again in the position of hoping to God one of their pet projects doesn't blow up in their face. Chalabi, according to NPR, is sufficiently angry with the Pentagon that he's strongly considering vying for power once the US hands over the keys to the country (in six weeks!). Can you imagine that? Chalabi, now an adversary of the US, becomes a leader just at the moment we relinquish control.

Of course, it's far more likely that al-Sadr has him whacked, but that's not nearly as poetic and ironic.

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