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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

Rummy's Head

Boston Globe
President Bush, who chastized Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Wednesday for mishandling the scandal over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, said yesterday that Rumsfeld "is an important part of my Cabinet and he'll stay in my Cabinet." Failing to hold Rumsfeld accountable for actions under his command responsibility compounds the grave harm already done to America's reputation in the world. Rumsfeld should accept responsibility for gross mismanagement of the Iraqi occupation and resign.

Washington Post
The Pentagon leadership would like to limit the scandal, and the scrutiny, to a handful of soldiers at one prison during two months of last year.... These are the signs not of isolated acts but of a broken system, one that is leading to criminal abuses. If Mr. Rumsfeld and President Bush are unwilling to fix it, Congress must step in.

Rumsfeld said Friday that he takes responsibility for the leadership failures that created all of this. He should do that seriously -- by resigning.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
But in Iraq, his legendary hard-headedness has become an obstacle to accomplishing the mission. His intransigence has left him and the administration in a situation that can be remedied only by his removal. His departure would serve as an example to all that America stands for far more than it has demonstrated in this abominable situation.

Detroit Free Press
Rumsfeld may serve best by resigning. Next to Bush, he is perhaps the most visible symbol of a reviled America in those parts of the world that are fertile recruiting grounds for terrorists. Could America's enemies claim victory in his departure? Perhaps, but many nations that have grown wary of the Bush administration would also see it as a decisive step to improve a battered image. It could be an opening to restore relations with traditional allies who have felt rebuffed by the current administration.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
From the beginning, President Bush's ambitions to invade, occupy and then transform Iraq into a model pro-Western democracy had a very small chance of success and a very big chance of going awry. And from the beginning, that small initial chance of success has been frittered away by this administration's crippling arrogance -- a failing compounded by its equally crippling incompetence.

As a result, Iraq now looms as perhaps the greatest foreign-policy disaster this country has ever known.

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