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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

Today's post from the American Street.

The Veggie Strategy

The several raps against John Kerry all run along these lines: he's boring; his message is tepid; his campaign lacks direction. When I talk to my pinko friends, they blame him for being too moderate. A fake criticism (that is, a smear masquerading as critique) is that he's not religious enough. Wonks point out that that he doesn't have much of a record for 20 years in the Senate.

See the pattern? They're vague criticisms that with Kerry, there's just not enough there there. He's tagged for this, too. Why can't he see that he's just not inspiring? If he's going to win, he needs more ... something.

Here's another possibility--John Kerry knows exactly what he's doing. Case in point: yesterday he met with Ralph Nader, and the Democrats' nemesis left singing his praises.

Mr. Nader, whose campaign most likely cost Mr. Gore victories in two states in 2000 and who many Democrats fear could similarly help sink Mr. Kerry by eroding his support on the left, let Mr. Kerry know in the meeting that he would be attacking President Bush, primarily, rather than trying to hold Mr. Kerry's feet to the fire....

Mr. Nader acknowledged as much afterward. The difference between Mr. Kerry and Mr. Gore "is the difference between a spruce tree and petrified wood," Mr. Nader said.

"Gore was petrified wood," he said. "He was stiff as a board, he didn't want to have these kinds of meetings. He didn't want to have meetings like this when he was vice president three years before the election. Kerry is much more open."

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