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Monday, May 10, 2004  

This is a nice observation:

Have you noticed the uptick in WalMart advertisements reassuring us that they make excellent stewards of our future? They're underwriters on NPR and there's a full page ad in the NYTimes today that trumpets their $40M contribution to "education". I'm frightened that press like this will be hard to fight.

I know that our local WalMart sends employees into area schools to lead activities, like Earth Day projects. They wear their WalMart vests while they're doing it. They come back to the store, share pictures they took and everyone feels great about themselves, which is understandable. So why aren't unions getting reps wearing their union buttons and t-shirts in the schools to lead activities that the children and teachers would enjoy? We're losing this fight on every front.

Source: Fact-esque

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