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Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

The Wall Street Journal posted the results of a fascinating Zogby poll of battleground states today. The upshot? Kerry's looking good. Below are results in the key states:

(2000 Winner) State - leader - Margin

(Bush) Florida - Kerry +1.4%*
(Gore) Iowa - Bush +5.2%
(Bush) Missouri - Kerry +3.3%*
(Bush) Nevada - Kerry +3.8%*
(Bush) New Hampshire - Kerry +9.6%
(Bush) Ohio - Kerry +4.6%
*Within the margin of error

Overall, Kerry is winning in 12 of the 16 states. Moreover, some of those states that Bush hoped to poach are looking pretty woeful right now:

Washington - Kerry +8.1%
Pennsylvania - Kerry +8.2%
Michigan - Kerry +8.3%

Moreover, Bush's margins in the four states in which he's leading is a mere 3.7%; Kerry's average lead in his 12 states is 6.3%. Yeah, I know--there're five months left to the election, snapshot, yadda yadda. Never mind that, Bush is big trouble and everyone knows it.

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