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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

War and Peace

In Gaza, Israel is effectively mowing down civilians, an act so egregious even the US failed to shelter the Sharon government from UN condemnation. Sharon and the hardcore right in Israel always justify such atrocities by arguing that the Palestinians started it. You know what? Sharon is still a war criminal, never mind the security difficulties the Palestinians pose. At a certain point, "moral clarity" dictates that the US sees the atrocities for what they are.

A good example of someone willing to abandon the "they started it" approach is new India PM Manmohan Singh, who a day after taking office, vowed peace with Pakistan.

"We must find ways and means to resolve all outstanding problems that have been a source of friction and the unfortunate history of our relations with Pakistan," said Singh, born in what is now Pakistan. "We should look to the future with hope."

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