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Saturday, May 15, 2004  

What follows is an internal memo from the Pentagon clarifying the guidelines on interrogation.*

Based on recent developments, the Pentagon is now issuing new guidelines on what constitutes acceptable forms of interrogation. Clear distinctions between "torture" and "abuse," always the guiding principle in Pentagon methodologies, are now being scaled back due to a lack of citizen understanding of procedure following incidents by a few bad seeds at the Abu Ghraib detention facility.

Noogies, trash talk, and teasing fall within acceptable levels of coersion. More severe approaches are not acceptable unless the following criteria are met first.

1. No personnel conducting or witnessing the interrogation has a camera, video camera, or audio recording device.

2. The coercive techniques applied are recorded in official records as "verbal interrogation only."

3. Coercive techniques leave no inadvertant markings on subject.

4. If inadvertant marks are left on a subject, that subject will not be released until marks have healed.

5. If inadvertant marks cannot heal (e.g. inadvertant maiming), the subject must be "disappeared."

6. All personnel participating in the interrogation of prisoners must be debriefed before and after interrogations and prepared to clearly explain to media or investigative bodies how said interrogations employed "verbal interrogation only"--particularly because media and investigative bodies are known to misunderstand these things.

Note: in the event that any investigative body or media representative contacts you about prisoner interrogation, remind them that in the US Military, we only employ "verbal interrogation."

This should help clarify your process in the future. Thank you.

*Not really. Imagine it's Friday.

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