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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Add this postscript to the Kristof commentary: calling Bush a liar isn't quite in the same league as the "mouth foaming right." We have some distance between our lofty heights and this kind of rhetoric:

Bill Clinton is such a repulsive subject I never thought I would ever write about him again after he was replaced by a man of decency and integrity in the White House. Yet the sight of all those women lining up to buy his book, to get that book autographed by a serial abuser of women, like prostitutes idolizing their abusive pimp, is sadly illustrative of a bizarre truth.

Bill Clinton is a compulsive abuser and user of women. Jerry Seper of The Washington Times has written of "The Missing Clinton Women" — listing a dozen women he exposed himself to, fondled, assaulted or sexually harassed. There are many more victims of Mr. Clinton's predations who have chosen not to publicly reveal themselves, and many more still who willingly participated....

All of that stuff about Hillary being mad, making him sleep on the couch, going to marriage counselors for a year, yada yada, is all made up. They have had a pact for decades: He gets to fool around with women, and she gets to fool around with women (plus the occasional man like Vince Foster).

Yes, she's bisexual — I disclosed that in an infamous Strategic Investment column in January 1993, and Dick Morris publicly revealed it a few years ago. You knew that, right?

That's not the Drudge, Savage, or some lunatic blogger, but the Washington Times. Just so we're clear on what foaming at the mouth really looks like.

(Remember, the GOP is the "positive" and "optimistic" party!)

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