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Monday, June 21, 2004  

And we've got ... more polling results!

NPR reported on a poll this morning that they had commissioned the week Ronny died. If you listened to the report, you heard Republican pollster Bill McInturff gamely argue that they're good for the Prez. NPR, which has completely abrogated the standard of objectivity when reporting on politics (Juan Williams, anyone), merely let the two partisans hack it out. If you listened, you probably yawned, regarding the spat as a repeat of every other time NPR's had these two on.

A look at the numbers reveals yet again that the polls are against Bush. I'll be extremely brief. In "battleground stated" (undefined--NPR didn't even bother to post its methodology), Kerry was up 9 points, 53%-44%. Among Independents, Kerry had a 6 point lead, 49%-43%. While the electorate was split by candidates on the issues, Independents favored Kerry in all four categories on which NPR polled (health care, Iraq and terrorism, gay marriage, jobs and trade) by margins of 6-10%.

Oh, and did I mention this polling was conducted the week following Reagan's death?

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