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Saturday, June 26, 2004  

As a GOP Team Leader, I got my weekly missive from Ed Gillespie today titled "Registering Voters Should Be Fair." Bad news! Apparently Democrats are not playing fair. In fact, according to Ed, they may be sending murderers and rapists door to door to register voters. Not fair! Sez Ed:

America Coming Together (ACT) has claimed to reach over 2 million targeted households in their efforts to register Democratic voters to defeat President George W. Bush. This week in Arkansas the Kerry campaign hired a senior member of the ACT team to lead their state efforts. Recently in Ohio the state Democratic Party declared that ACT will run the ground game for them.

Furthermore, today's Kansas City Star reports that Charlene Davis, director of the Jackson County election board, said "many of the voter registration forms ACT workers had turned in contained inaccurate information" and called it "the worst I've ever seen." Erroneous information included forms filled out for residents of Kansas and Minnesota, and forms from people too young to vote.

ACT has admitted to sending felons convicted of sex crimes and assault to conduct voter registration efforts in as many as 17 states. Despite initial willingness to clarify their hiring process they now refuse to say whether they sent a murderer and a rapist door to door....

I hope you will join me in repudiating these tactics to provide all voters the assurance that the election process is transparent, bipartisan, and fair.

Well, what can you expect from the party of Bill Clinton? I guess it is up to team leaders like me to urge Americans to vote GOP--the party of bipartisanism, fairness, and transparency.

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