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Monday, June 28, 2004  

The blogosphere is shockingly quiet about the "handover." As I busily work on yet another final draft of my novel, I thought I'd cruise to a few of the big boys (and girls) and do one of those cheap "here's a sampling from the blogosphere" posts that takes about five minutes. But there's precious little commentary. Of those in my "first reads" blogroll, exactly one has a post up: Talk Left, with an announcement posting. What gives? Maybe they're still digesting...

Someone holler if you find something (or wrote something) pithy and I'll update this post.

[Update: Okay, now some things are filtering in. Thanks to a heads up from Mick, I see that Juan Cole has a nice post. I almost never visit Juan's site, and yet everyone tells me it's one of the best. Maybe I need to wise up. Mick also posted on it himself--apparently, though I keep getting a dead link.

Then there's Citizen Smash, aka the Indepundit, who did the post I was trying to do. I know of this because he was gracious enough to link my post in his roundup. He includes five sources from Iraqi bloggers. Of particular note from his list (which mostly includes conservatives):

Ezra Klein at Pandagon, proving great minds think alike. (Or feeble, as some of my friends and critics might opine.)

Oliver Willis, wryly suggests it's something other than a grand success.

And then this guy (gal?) Fafnir posts the best comment of the day. Gotta hook him (her) up as a Daily Link real soon. He matches the absurdism of the moment with the absurdism of language.

Consider yourselves updated.]

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