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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

Bush has a new ad that compares Kerry to Hitler. Well, not really, but it uses that technique the NRO's James Robbins derided Michael Moore for using: Juxtaposition. In the ad, Bush uses an image of Hitler and puts it against Al Gore giving a fiery speech (reminding me of a scene from Crimes and Misdemeanors, when a character is compared to Mussolini). The extremely thin justification is that such an ad was submitted (along with thousands others) to MoveOn in their ad contest last year. MoveOn, of course, never used the ad. Nevertheless, on his ad, Bush represents the Hitler clip as a MoveOn ad.

Media Matters caught Sean Hannity fill-in Mike Gallagher saying:

But I've got to ask you something. I thought [the Bush] spot brilliantly put together side by side Al Gore's raging, maniacal rant next to Adolf Hitler. It was actually pretty cleverly done.

Right wing smear machine, indeed.

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