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Tuesday, June 01, 2004  

The Daily Link

No sooner had I formed a fairly regular habit of posting my Daily Link than I fell off the wagon. Today I try to climb back onto selfsame wagon, posting two Daily Links--and hoping to stretch the meaning of the title past all usefulness. I'll try to do better henceforth.

Today's link: Omnium

Active since: September 2003

Tag: I like the motto better than the tag. "Among all the things I'm going to tell you today about being a journalist, all you have to remember is two words: governments lie."--I.F. Stone

The blogger, who goes by the handle Mick, has been commenting on Notes--which is a good way to get my attention. He's hails from our future president's home state and dabbles in filmwriting (with a little research, you can learn his real name--or at least narrow it to two--by visiting the website of a in-production indie he wrote.) Mick's site is one of those pleasantly unkempt blogs that screams individuality. He's got analysis, poetry, and random cultural bits all thrown together--but not in the belly-button-gazing way that makes some blogs tedious. He's guaranteed to have something on there you won't find anywhere else on the blogosphere. (As things become more homogenized, and we all chase the same WaPo articles, it's a good change.)

Trenchant quote: "What the Globe article carefully refrained from mentioning was that the 1913 law Romney is using as an excuse to stop out-of-state gay marriages was originally written to stop 'mixed-race' marriages. The SJC then had recently struck down the laws forbidding mixed-race marriages using the same reasons and referring to the same clauses in the State Constitution as the present SJC, and the State legislature promptly scurried through a loophole and passed a law preventing out-of-state mixed-race couples from 'flooding into Massachusetts', as one outraged Republican State Senator put it, to get married here when it was illegal in their home states.

This onerous law, ignored for 75 years and illegal by intent if not language, should have been repealed a long time ago, and probably would have been if anybody had remembered it existed before Romney disinterred it from its vault, dusted it off, and applied it to gays rather than to 'miscegenation.'"


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