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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Emphyrio

Active since: January 2004

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Emphyrio is a somewhat inscrutible blog. The blogger (Emphyr io?) reliably posts daily, but often not more than once. Other info is absent. We are left, then, with a clipped kind of prose that seems to indicate an omnicience about events and their causes--leading, of course, to black humor. Current interests tend toward Iraq and foreign policy with occasional posts on politics. The blogger offers good analysis and poses thoughtful questions. A fine blog.

Trenchant Quote: "The Healthy Forest Initiative cut down forests.

"The Clear Skies Initiative increased pollution.

"So what are we to think of The New Freedom Initiative?

"President Bush plans to unveil next month a sweeping mental health initiative that recommends screening for every citizen and promotes the use of expensive antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs favored by supporters of the administration."


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