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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Fafblog!

Active since: March 2003

Tag: "This is a good blog. This is the best blog. It is about god and the universe and those horrible screaming monkeys and that time I made a pizza out of an old tire and a can of whip cream. It is the Fafblog."

Based on two days of reading, I'm prepared to call Fafblog the funniest blog on the net. There are apparently three bloggers, but only two on the current page (Fafnir, whom I quoted yesterday, and Giblets)--and they have strikingly similar senses of humor. I'd call it the "Daily Show" of the blogosphere, except it's nothing like the "Daily Show." But you'd understand the superlative.

Trenchant Funny Quote: [On the "veepstakes"]
John McCain. Yes, Giblets is aware that McCain has completely rejected the notion of running with John Kerry over and over again and that he is currently campaigning for Bush. But it the idea is just too kooky and sexy to not mention over and over again! Kerry-McCain, Kerry-McCain, Kerry-McCain! Plus Giblets supports McCain's "give Japan the Bomb" solution to North Korea. We need more "outside the box," or "crazy," thinking in our VP. Giblets has found Cheney's "crazy-lite" approach to governance wanting of late.

Tom Vilsack. Who the hell is Tom Vilsack? Giblets hasn't seen him on TV. He hasn't been makin' the rounds or been at Giblets's parties. Why should Giblets give a damn about Tom Vilsack?


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