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Thursday, June 03, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Patridiot Watch

Active since: February 2004

Tag: None. Nor is there much info to be found, save for the postings themselves. The blogger, Poppy, appears to be a hearty Dem supporter (in one of the posts there's even a link to Kerry's fundraising page). If you're going to mainly post news, it better be well-selected. In this case, it is. There's a nice post on Dick Durbin and his campaign against the politicization of Catholicism, one on Doctors without Borders, and a semi-humorous question about whether Bush may be brain damaged (recalling Iggi's contention that he suffers from cocaine-induced brain damage). Excellent reading.

Trenchant quote: "Senator Dick Durbin is tired of pro-choice Catholic elected officials getting blasted by the Catholic leadership and laity, especially because the hammer tends to fall primarily on Democrats. To try to reshape the argument, Durbin has taken issues on which the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have lobbied and compared how all Catholic Senators have voted....

It analyzes votes and legislative cosponsorships for the 24 Catholic U.S. Senators regarding 24 issues for which the USCCB has lobbied. The issues are broadly divided into three areas: Domestic Issues; International Issues; and Pro-Life Issues. The scorecard includes a total of 48 votes or actions Senators have taken regarding these 24 issues, 47 of which took place during the 108th Congress (2003-2004), plus the Iraqi War Resolution, which the Senate passed on October 11, 2002."


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