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Tuesday, June 01, 2004  

The Daily Link

Today's link: Public Domain Progress

Active since: August 2003

Tag: Reporter to Mahatma Ghandi: "Mr. Ghandi, what do you think of Western Civilization?" Ghandi: "I think it would be a good idea."

The blogger is Michael Miller, who blogs from South Carolina--reason enough to check him out. He is a prolific blogger whose interests seem to center on liberalism and the state of the country and the usual horrors of the Bush regime. Recent postings include faith-based initiatives, Total Information Awareness (remember that), and the Patriot Act. He functions more in the Atrios mode--posting info he's found that you aren't likely to have. If you scroll down the site, I'll bet you haven't heard of half the stuff he's posted.

Trenchant quote: [Posting from a the website of a contractor that is taking advantage of the Patriot Act.] "ChoicePoint is pleased to announce the release of Bridger Insightâ„¢ 6.0. Bridger Insight is the leading regulatory compliance solution for OFAC, USA PATRIOT Act (section 326) and other related regulatory requirements, used by over 3,600 clients from large worldwide institutions across a number of industries to small community banks. With the exponential increase in the volume of government-imposed penalties, it is vital that you protect the reputation of your organization, while taking the necessary steps to comply with government regulations such as the USA PATRIOT Act (section 326)."


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