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Friday, June 25, 2004  

Hi, this is __________ from Citizens for a Sound Economy. I am calling because we have a chance to stop John Kerry fans from winning in Oregon.

As you have probably heard, Ralph Nader is trying to make the ballot in Oregon for the November election. He is going be in town this weekend to host a nominating party Saturday night at Benson High School.

Ralph Nader needs 1,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot, and we need to ensure he gets them.

Ralph Nader is undoubtedly going to pull some very crucial votes from John Kerry, and that could mean the difference in a razor-thin Presidential election.

Can we count on you to come out Saturday night and sign the petition to nominate Ralph Nader?

That is a phone script from Dick Armey's right-wing Citizens For a Sound Economy (CSE), a group who are trying to nominate Ralph Nader to Oregon's ballot. (Big thanks to Kari Chisolm, who broke the story. See the original scanned document here.) Nader already tried to muster 1,000 people at a nominating party once, but could manage just over 700. Thus, CSE and the Oregon Family Council are trying to help.

"We aren't bashful about doing it,'' said Mike White, [Oregon Family Council's] director. "We are a conservative, pro-family organization, and Bush is our guy on virtually every issue...."

We disagree with Ralph Nader's politics, but we'd love to see him make the ballot," said Russ Walker of Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group best known for its opposition to tax increases.

It's nasty, but it's smart.

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