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Monday, June 14, 2004  

I don't know who David Allen is, but I like his sense of humor. He alerted me to his plan to draft Halliburton employees.

Whether you are for or against the draft, one issue is inescapable: Even if the draft were started tomorrow, we would be unable to deploy any new troops in Iraq for 18-24 months....

Wouldn't it be nice if we could deploy 35-50,000 trained soldiers to Iraq in say, three to six months? Ideally, these would be folks who want to be in Iraq and are already familiar with and acclimated to the environment. Even better, these folks would already have their own weapons and gear and actually be close to the "theatre of operation...."

One special act of congress and we could immediately draft the Halliburton, Blackwater, CACI, Tital, et al, employees. And what a bargain it would be. We are currently paying over a $1,000 A DAY for some of these people, and we could have them doing the same jobs for about $1,500 A MONTH!

What do you say folks? How about taking a few minutes to write, FAX or call you congressman and senator and asking him to be the first to introduce the Allen Plan. Help our troops by getting them desperately needed reenforcements in a few months instead of a few years.

Call it advocacy satire.

Oh, and while we're drafting legislation, Iggi notes that a Texas man wants to legislate the word "heaveno" into the English language. It seems Mr. Canales finds the hell in "hello" a mite too racy.

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