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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

I intend to respond to this a little more carefully tomorrow, but a quickie response to Kevin Drum's wish that the antiwar lefties "warmly embrace" their hawkish brethern who now regret supporting the war.

However, it sometimes seems as though a mere public reconsideration is not enough: we instead demand an abject, groveling apology and a confession that those who opposed the war were right about every last thing.... Demanding a line-by-line recitation of error is surely more at home in a Mao-era reeducation camp than in the United States of 2004.

Well, no. Antiwar doves are not miffed because the knees of the hawks are insufficiently scuffed from bowing and scraping. Rather, it's that they continue to miss the dovish point--just as they did when they supported the war. The issue isn't that we failed to find WMD or that it was foolish to think the White House could handle the reconstruction. The point is that whether or not there were WMD, invasion was necessarily going to precipitate the chaos we're now seeing. Never mind that the Bushies mishandled it; no one could have handled it. The problem is that the objective was always flawed.

More on this tomorrow. I believe it's critical to understand the anti-invasion position because it may well be the only way the left can win the argument about the war and credibly move forward.

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