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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

In the world of basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers fill the spot the Yankees hold in baseball--they are the evil empire. To extend the analogy (and abuse it somewhat), the Portland Trailblazers are the Red Sox, the hapless foils. It is therefore with no little delight that I congratulate the Pistons for not only beating the Lakers, but dishing out a serious thumping. Always nice to see the white hats win.

Blazers fans also watched with a wry sense of wonder as the Blazers bad boy, lo the past five years, Rasheed Wallace, walked off with a title he couldn't deliver to Stumptown. I know it's slight heresy, but I always liked Sheed, even if he was rightly fingered as the cancer at the center the Jail Blazers team. Everyone was ready for a change, and Portland improved after he left. And hey, anyone who can beat the Lakers--in whatever uniform, deserves our thanks.

For the first time in a long while, I'll be looking forward to the next season. Finally, the Lakers appear done. Way to go, Detroit.

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