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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

News from the White House

Senior Administration Official
A couple of things caught my eye on The first comes from current briefings. What do you make of this (highlights mine)?

Press Briefing on Iraq Transition
Background Briefing by a Senior Administration Official
Conrad Istanbul

MR. McCLELLAN: All right, good morning. This is a background briefing of senior administration officials, and I'll just turn it over to the senior administration official to give you kind of -- White House and administration perspective on today's events.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Good morning, everybody....

I guess he's the guy they're talking about in AP stories.

Pinch Hitters
Also, in recent days both Condoleezza Rice and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales have given press briefings. Condi talked Iraq and Gonzales talked torture (Gonzales actually appeared with other folks, but he was the central figure). If it was a strategy to keep Scott McClellan (or Flounder, as Susan calls him out of the line of fire, it worked. They got softballs, particularly on the torture questions. The one time it started to get touchy, Gonzales gave an answer McClellan is never allowed to give:

JUDGE GONZALES: It's not a difficult thing to discuss, it's just one that I don't choose to discuss.

Q Why?

JUDGE GONZALES: I just don't.

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