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Sunday, June 27, 2004  

Oregon Nader Update

I'm having a hard time locating an article to link, but here's what happened last night in Nader's bid to make the Oregon ballot.

He had a big turnout--well over the thousand he needed--but about a 100 were Dems who didn't sign the petition. The GOP's effort to pack the house didn't appear to be enormously successful. As of this morning, it's too close to call. Elections officials received fewer than 1000 forms, but some had multiple names. Now they go off to their respective counties for verification. It will be weeks before we learn the results.

(Oregon law stipulates that if a candidate can get 1000 people to show up at an event and sign a petition, the candidate qualifies for the presidential ballot. Otherwise 10,000 signatures are needed. A couple months ago, Ralph launched his national campaign with a rally in Portland ... and only 750 people showed up.)

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