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Friday, June 18, 2004  

The Reagan Effect

In the wake of Reagan's death, Bush is enjoying newfound, if fleeting, popularity. Numbers released yesterday by Pew Research Center for the People and the Press:

The situation in Iraq is going "well/fairly well"
April/May: 46%
Now: 57%

Job approval
April/May: 44%
Just before Reagan's death: 48%
Now: 50%

Hit Pieces Working
Two other findings of note. The Bush attack ads appear to be effective. Pew asked respondents a great question--"What do you dislike most about [the candidates]?" A whopping 60% answered 'personal character' for Kerry--this about a decorated veteran who has spent his life serving his country. Bush's character was cited by only 34% of respondents--they dislike his policies more (58%).

The other telling figure (and the trend is bad) is where Independents stand. In February they gave Kerry a 60% favorable rating (24% unfavorable). Now that figure is 50%, with unfavorable up to 40%. They didn't budge on Bush, with a near perfect split of just below 50% on both sides (only 3-4% remain undecided).

[Update: On the other hand, Kos points us to a poll out from West Virginia in which Kerry's actually slightly ahead of Bush (44% to 47%)--and has gained on Bush since March. Go figure.]

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