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Thursday, June 03, 2004  

Whew, I sorta missed my afternoon coffee window and I'm in a swoon. (It's also 80 degrees in my office, which may be a contributing factor.) And so, just to mix it up, here's a question. What's autochthonous?

Of course you know it means "indigenous, native" and is pronounced aw-TOCK-thuh-nuhs (right?). But I was going after this, though:

A 14-year-old Indiana boy mastered "autochthonous" to win the National Spelling Bee Thursday, outdueling 264 rivals for the title....

Moments earlier, he had hid himself behind his placard, then lowered it to show tears in his eyes, after nailing "gaminerie" to make the final round.

"I was just hoping that I got a word I studied," Tidmarsh said. His chances were excellent -- he spent months going through the dictionary.

The proud winner, David Tidmarsh.

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