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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

Yes, I am aware of the Chalabi-leaks scandal unfolding now. I have to read and think more about it. Instead, I offer you two fine quotes from Bush in a speech he gave yesterday on faith-based services. The first speaks for itself:

And so we're making progress. I'm here to give you a progress report. They spent $1.1 billion on grants to faith-based groups. It's kind of hard to fully account for it.

That's what you want to hear from your President--it's kind of hard to fully account for the $1.1 billion you gave me. The second quote also mostly speaks for itself, but I'll highlight one sentence for emphasis.

The strength of this country is not our military, or the size of our wallets, the strength of this country is the hearts and souls of the American people. That is the thing, in my judgment, that makes this country unique and different and strong. My job as the President of the United States is [to] understand that and, as best as I humanly can, to elevate the spirit of the country...

I guess it's hard to blame a guy who can't account for $1.1 billion. After all, that's not in his job description. Apparently he's the Spirit Elevator in Chief.

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